SR093 6 Cameras Captured wet Girls Wearing Farting and Defecating PART-8

SR093 6 Cameras captured wet girls wearing competitive swimsuits, undressing, farting and defecating.

A woman with wet skin wearing a swimsuit. She exposes her limbs and presses on with an expression of agony as her anus begins to contract. When the feces and farts emerge from the depths of her gaping hole, an indescribable aroma fills the room.
– The Full Shot placed diagonally upward shows the expression of pleasure as the body is wetted with water droplets that can be removed from both water and sweat, producing stool.
– And the other full shot is from a 45° diagonal back. The iron-plated Hospitality Angle.
– Overhead view angle inside the toilet bowl allows you to stand behind a woman and look down on her feces in a simulated experience.
– You can see the outline of the beautiful buttocks and the trajectory of the feces coming out of the anus captured with Fallen Angel Angle.
– Targeting only the anus, capturing the contraction of the pink and the opening during defecation with Large Anal Angle.
– Realistic capture of the firm buttocks, hanging stool, and large anus that opens along the shape of the stool with Angle Directly Below The Stool.
Please enjoy the beautiful ensemble of poop flowing from the anus and ephemeral farts that are foamy like a dream.



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